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Loose Diamonds

Select from the range of diamond shapes

Matching diamond pairs

Choose from an extensive range of fancy shape diamonds that perfectly match.

Why us?

Offering a diverse range of options in loose diamonds and jewelry at one of the most competitive prices in the industry, our goal is to offer tailor made programs as per the needs of our retail partners.

Manufacturing lab grown diamonds in all modern shapes

Crafted with exceptional brilliance

Personalized assistance at every step

Long lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, reliability & flexibility

Meeting diverse needs of the clients while offering competitive price's

Trusted partner to jewelers, retailers and brands worldwide

Know more about Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown Diamonds are atomically identical and are composed of pure crystalline carbon. They grow much faster as compared to natural diamonds. These lab-grown diamonds are accredited to the same standard of 4C's grading as natural diamonds, i.e., Cut, Color,Clarity, and Carat, and are ranked likewise.